This game is an entertaining way to discover if you are holding a winning ticket for the E‐Play Game Play Area. Your chances of winning are not affected by how well you play the game. Each game consists of one (1) CROSSWORD PUZZLE game of play. BONUS ROUND game play is randomly awarded.

During CROSSWORD PUZZLE play, you must match CALL LETTERS, and where applicable the SUPER BALL LETTER, to letters in the CROSSWORD PUZZLE to match a minimum of three (3) complete WORDS in the CROSSWORD PUZZLE to win the corresponding prize in the PRIZE LEGEND.  During BONUS ROUND game play, you must match BONUS ROUND CALL LETTERS to letters in GAMES 1 through 5 to match a complete WORD in a GAME to win the corresponding PRIZE for that GAME.

Please note that you MUST present your CROSSWORD SUPER BALL PLUS 26253 lottery ticket to and have it validated by an authorized lottery retailer, or WCLC, as a winner to claim any prize amount. Validation is based upon the control number of the ticket and is not based upon how well you play. No prize will be paid based solely on digital play. No prize will be paid if the ticket is not confirmed as a winner through its control number.

Lotto Spot! App

You may remotely check any prizes that may be awarded on your CROSSWORD SUPER BALL PLUS 26253 ticket through your personal mobile device. Download the Lotto Spot! App from your device App Play Store. Open the Lotto Spot! App and select the “scan barcode” function to scan the rectangular lottery pdf barcode under latex in the main play area of your CROSSWORD SUPER BALL PLUS 26253 ticket. Scanning the lottery pdf barcode will identify any prizes that may be awarded on the lottery ticket, including any E‐Play Game Play Area prizes

Refer to the “PRIZE CLAIMS” heading on the PRIZE CLAIMS information page (or refer to the back of your ticket) for further information regarding prize claims.